I was born and raised in India, the son of a small cotton farmer, with two sisters.

Both of my parents were uneducated, but it didn’t stop them from instilling in me the value of hard work, determination – and the desire to help others.

My parents worked very hard to ensure that I received a proper education – the best available at the time in my country.

I received my undergraduate and masters degree’s in Mechanical Engineering – completing my Masters at the Indian Institute of Technology, India’s equivalent to MIT.

Following my studies, my desire to help others, and passion for education led me to teach mechanical engineering on the colligate level for six years….during this time I married my wife and we had two beautiful daughters. I had the same desire for my children, that my father had for me, to make sure they received the best education possible and the best opportunities. It was for them, that my wife and I made the very difficult decision to leave our beloved homeland and come to America. In America we knew our daughters would be given every chance to succeed and thrive.

I came to America when I was thirty years old, with little money – but we had a community in America that made the transition easier. I worked as a Database engineer for several years, volunteered my time in the service of others and started selling real estate. I went to night school, received my MBA and my license as a real estate broker. After years of working in real estate, I set up my own small business and now employ six contractors. I have been blessed here in America. My two daughters both attended public schools, my youngest completed high school at the Thomas Jefferson Institute of Technology. My eldest daughter is studying medicine and my youngest is studying pre-med at William and Mary. America and the Commonwealth gave my daughters these wonderful opportunities, and I now want to give back to my state – and my country.

I became a citizen in 2008 – a day of enormous pride for me and my family. I know and value the importance of civic participation – of voting and working to provide opportunities to all who live here. The basic foundation of hard work, determination – and ones ability to succeed based on their own efforts, led me to become active in the Republican Party. For 5 years I volunteered in campaigns, working hard for David Ramadan in his campaigns, as well as our great Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and so many others. For the past two years, I became an active member of the Loudoun county GOP last year and was honored to be elected a delegate to the National Convention in Cleveland. It was here a great honor was bestowed on me: to read Virginia’s vote totals in the official roll call vote. For the past three years I have volunteered my time to serve on the Loudoun County Board of Equalization, which reviews county government assessments on property. I have also been active since coming to America with many charitable organizations.

As a small business owner, I know how difficult it can be to run a small company, pay the bills and put enough money away for savings. I may be relatively new to politics, but I am not new to hard work and looking out for ones neighbor. It is these values and principles that I will bring to the General Assembly – to work hard for my constituents and be available to help them. I want government to work for them – because it is us, the people, who give the government its authority.